(Released May 2016)

A clockwork raven. Two sets of irresistible teeth. A house brought to life by nanobots. A heart that won’t stop beating.

All this and much more in the Writerpunk Press version of the beloved suspense stories by Edgar Allan Poe. We’ve pulled out all the stops this time around to bring you the very best punked versions of classic Poe tales, complete with shiny gears and tiny bots! In addition to the more familiar Cyberpunk and Steampunk, we’ve added Bio, Deco, and Dieselpunk genres to the mix. The resulting volume is a dynamic take on horror of which the Master of Macabre himself would be proud. Merely This and Nothing More: Poe Goes Punk is available on Amazon (print, ebook).

(Released December 2015)
(Released December 2015)

Welcome to the world of Shakespeare Goes Punk, where the Bard is remixed and nothing is sacred. Our fearless writers are back by popular demand to give you a ride on the punk train.  Five punked-up tales and three sonnets inspired by Shakespeare.  Once More Unto The Breach: Shakespeare Goes Punk 2 is available in print or ebook on Amazon.


(Released March 2015)

Airships and sky pirates! Brain Modification chips! Technologically enhanced nymphs!

We have taken the plays that audiences have enjoyed for hundreds of years and reinvented them as cyberpunk, dieselpunk, Teslapunk and steampunk tales.
Featuring comedies and tragedies as well as a wide variety of punk genres, this collection has something for everyone. A spirit of subversive fun is strongly encouraged. Sound & Fury: Shakespeare Goes Punk (March 2015) is our first anthology of stories based on the Bard’s work.