Tomorrow and Tomorrow… Yes, Tomorrow! Shakespeare Goes Punk

Calling all punks and free spirits, all friends and book fiends. Tomorrow is the big day. Our first Shakespeare Goes Punk anthology will be released to the world, and we’re so glad to have you with us. The Infamous Scribbler blog has just interviewed us on the making of the book:

We’ve been making all sorts of cool and crazy decisions; the one you should know about is the free T-shirt. Yes, if your story gets into the next anthology, you get a T-shirt especially created for us. Lia (our designer at is fine-tuning the design and colour options right now. If you help us out behind the scenes as an editor, proofreader or anything else vital, it’s the same deal for you. We’re dipping into our own pockets for this, so the charity won’t lose out.

We’re announcing our submission dates and rules for the next anthology on Monday! Signing out,

Punk Writers


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