A Goodreads Giveaway for Shakespeare Goes Punk!

Want a free copy? Get on Goodreads and sign up to our new giveaway for a chance of winning.


We’ve been going up and down the top 100 charts on Amazon since we launched. New sci-fi, Sci-fi Anthologies, and the cyberpunk and steampunk charts. We love the genre-hopping flexibility of what we’re creating. It’s not just a book – or even a series of books. At heart, it’s an attitude and a mindset.

But right at this moment, it is also a book. If you have read the book, please put up a review for us on both Amazon and Goodreads. We need as many as possible! We have plans to take over the world… so many plans.

Signing out,

Punk Writers


Say it Loud, You're Punk and Proud

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