This is a quick bulletin from the Punk Writers at Writerpunk Press – the smart, subversive minds behind the Shakespeare Goes Punk anthology. We’re excited to remind you that our first book will be released this Sunday, March 15. It will be available to buy on Amazon, CreateSpace and Kindle. Our authors will be selling print copies personally at Norwescon, GearCon and the Fairhaven Steampunk Festival and elsewhere; it also has its own release party in Renton, WA, hosted by Jeff Cook. Wherever it is sold, all proceeds will go to charity. Our favoured charity is PAWS of Lynnwood, WA:

We’ve made our website shinier and more beautiful, so come and check it out. There’s a brand new banner, a Twitter feed, book covers and teaser pages, play summaries, and some updated biographies of the people involved. The video trailer has been up for a while; watch it if you haven’t already, as it includes some snippets. Not only from this book, but from the second – yes, we are working on a second right now.

Last Friday, our author Warren C. Bennett discussed the book on the award-winning Gaming Goddess podcast. The discussion touched on the meaning, the vibrant history and the multiple varieties of “punk”, with a healthy dose of gaming thrown in. Find it here! (Interview starts at 4:44)

If you want to get involved and volunteer in creating the next edition, please feel free to drop us a note at – we’re always happy to hear from you. Bloggers and reviewers are very welcome too! If you’ve reviewed us on a blog, please let us know so we can add it to our “Media and Buzz” page 🙂 . Signing out for now, with a generous measure of thanks for your support,

Punk Writers

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