In the year since What We’ve Unlearned: English Class Goes Punk hit (digital) shelves, Writerpunk Press has been been busy.

Donation to PAWs

In October, we made another donation to PAWS. We are so pleased that we will be funding 2 kennels for another year and we’re already looking forward to the next visit.


We’ve also heard back from some very satisfied readers. Our fans have had some very kind words for this volume:

When a book is SO GOOD you finish it and have to suppress the urge to go back and read it all over again, right away! I am constantly FLOORED by how well the Writerpunk group does its stories. So many excellent adaptations of beloved classics… Even the ones based on works I haven’t read were excellent stories in themselves! This anthology SHINES in its excellence, truly proving that stellar literature is indeed timeless.

Read more reviews on  Goodreads Amazon reviews are right here.  Many thanks to fans who have taken the time to let us know what they thought!

Next Anthology

The writers, editors, artists, and automatons behind Writerpunk Press are always working on something. Our next release will take on classic horrors. Due out in May 2018.

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