Carol Gyzander was the Managing Editor of this volume, and was responsible for commissioning the many small projects involved and monitoring their progress. She also submitted the cyberpunk story “Hank”, and her biography can be found in the writers’ section.

J. Sarchet was born on the day before yesterday with holes in her shoes and crying the blues. No, wait. That was the Scarecrow from The Wiz. Well, despite her mysterious origin story, J. has been writing all her life. In fact, she often remarks that she likes words more than most people (present company excluded, naturally). The first story she ever wrote was scribbled in a small spiral notepad and stashed behind her family’s piano for safekeeping. Although she has spent most of the last 26 years filling notebooks with stories and not letting anyone read them, more recently she has begun sharing her work with others. Though she has seen the most success as a poet, she has also written one-act plays. Currently she is hard at work on a speculative fiction novel she hopes to self-publish. When it is completed, J. won’t be hiding it behind a piano, but rather shouting the news from the rooftops.

An aspiring writer and lover of both steampunk (especially corsets) and the Bard (especially Macbeth), T.J. Ford has found this rather a fun project on which to work. In between rescuing dangling participles and saving serial commas, T.J. is a mind-body therapist with bicoastal practices in New York City and in Portland, Oregon, where she lives with her food-scientist husband and their increasingly deaf cat Scamper. In her spare time T.J. has a penchant for running long distances of 20 or 50 or 100 miles, preferably on the trails of the Hobbit forests in the Pacific Northwest.

Lia Rees is a free-spirited admirer of all things visual and arty. She has a particular fondness for grunge, industrial and the less twee side of rustic. For several years she has been working with authors, turning manuscripts into professional and beautiful books, and creating posters and publicity graphics. Lately she has branched out into website customisation, T-shirt design, marketing advice and music videos! At present living in London, she plans to cross the Atlantic as soon as she can; there’s a bearded American anarchist waiting for her, and a crazy crew of writer friends. Her business, Free Your Words, lives nominally at but is mainly carried out via Facebook. She likes sharing her designs and other people’s art at her Facebook page, The Wayward Eye.

Elizabeth Hamm of Lizzie Belina Designs collaborated on the cover. Born in California, raised in North Dakota, and probably never going to get a proper tan, Elizabeth has been interested in the graphic, video, and written arts since she could form tangible memories. Closing in on finally finishing a dual degree in Broadcasting and Multimedia Studies, she continues to combine the two worlds together along with her love of writing. Being creative and passionate about the world of fiction brought her to volunteering her growing knowledge and time to design the cover of this book. In her spare time, she writes novels, shoots short films, and does her own video news program weekly. Elizabeth can be reached at for all things cover design, graphic design, or video.

Thais Lopes of Magic Design Editorial was also involved in the cover design.

Additional editing and proofreading was provided by: Rachel Brune, Tabitha Davis, Andrea Stafford Hintz, Voss Foster, H James Lopez, Ken Rodriguez, Rie Sheridan Rose, Christopher Saldaña, K. M. Vanderbilt, D.j. Wilson, and Mary Zemina. Without their efforts, getting Once More Unto The Breach out the door and into the hands of readers wouldn’t have been possible.