“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Aristotle

What happens when stay-at-home moms, business people, students, freelance dilettantes and all in between gather to discuss writing?

Let me ask you another way.

What do you get when writers – some published, some haven’t written in years, some completely new to the craft – discuss cyberpunk and steampunk works?

Well, if the right mix of people find each other, you get a group like Writerpunk.

We are a group of writers who are not only passionate about storytelling, but love to imagine new worlds. We’re the kind of people who sit back and think “What if?” before spending hours over our keyboards tapping out dieselpunk, clockpunk, and splatterpunk stories. We like to delve into the past, change one event, and watch how the ripples will change the future — and we scribble down the results. We look toward the future, envision what cybernetics will do to mankind, and bring that vision to the present. We’re the kind of people who see a picture of Abraham Lincoln with a machine gun grafted to his forearm and think, “Yeah, I could work with that.”

But before any of us put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, or quill to parchment, we were all readers. We read books like Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Neuromancer, or Mirrorshades, and came away with a love of cyberpunk. We saw movies like The Rocketeer or Steamboy and walked out of the theater with the wheels of our minds turning, eager to create our own worlds.

Above all, we are a community. We started as individual writers interested in cyberpunk and steampunk and associated genres, and together we became more. While some of us had written in those genres for years and others were sticking a toe in to test the waters, we all benefited from being Writerpunks.

And now we are writing a book.

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  1. Dare I ask to be allowed into this illustrious band of thinkers and dreamers.

    1. Author

      Indeed you may! Stand by for a secret squirrel message on Facebook. (Check your “Other” folder if necessary) 🙂

    1. Author

      We only accept the true of heart. And those who search for ‘writerpunk’ on facebook and click join. We like to keep things simple.

  2. Pim Palmerston aka Alistair Rankin:

    “Punk” writer with four unpublished novels (one fully edited “The Dead Rat Coffee House” aka “Le Rat Mort”) from Ontario, Canada.


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