Meet the talented editorial and design team behind Merely This and Nothing More: Poe Goes Punk. 

RACHEL A. BRUNE served five years as a military journalist with the U.S. Army, including two tours in Iraq, and a brief stint as a columnist for her hometown newspaper. After commissioning as a military police officer, she continued to write and published articles for a number of military and civilian news publications, as well as short fiction stories and two novels. She blogs her adventures, writing and otherwise, at:

AMBER MICHELLE COOK is the Director of National Novel Editing Month (, which she’s also participated in (and ‘won’) for the last eight years, and been involved in long-term critique groups for well over a decade. She’s working on The Writer’s Guide to Editing Resources (and no one has yet found a typo in any of her self-published novels). Find her website at:

T.J. FORD is just a girl who can’t say no, which is how she found herself agreeing to be Assistant Editrix of the Poe Goes Punk anthology. A crack copy editor and lover of both steampunk and Poe, she’s found it rather a fun project on which to work. In between rescuing dangling participles and saving serial commas, T.J. is a mind-body therapist with bicoastal practices in New York City and in Portland, Oregon, where she lives with her food-scientist husband and a taxidermied steampunk rabbit named Lady Lucretia.

CAROL GYZANDER is the Editor of this book, responsible for overseeing the many small editing and proofreading projects—as well as being one of the writers (“The Clockwork Raven”). Her only regret is that she doesn’t live at Hogwarts, because then her color-coded spreadsheets would move and fill themselves in. See what else Carol is working on at

ANDREA HINTZ loves helping other authors put their best words forward…and she also loves an excuse to break out her red pen and mark up those words. In the interest of helping, of course. She blogs as the Inspector at, where she investigates sci-fi & fantasy books from her lofty perch aboard Airship Ampersand.

H. JAMES LOPEZ was born on a Navy ship in the Caribbean Sea outside of Barranquilla. He is a construct of too much sun, too much alcohol and not nearly enough time on land. Since 2009 he has been writing fiction in all forms that come to mind.

KATHERINE PERKINS lives with her husband and cat. She is a collaborator of Jeffrey Cook and co-author of the Fair Folk Chronicles.

LIA REES, the designer of this book, likes melancholy music, evocative language, wild places and unpretentious people. It has to be admitted she is easily bored. She’s dabbled in jewellery making, crochet, music, T-shirt design, and lately book formatting and videos for authors and others. Her main business is Free Your Words (, and she is writing a book about her ten-year battle with the beast of chronic illness. Interact with her on Facebook; she won’t bite.

KEN RODRIGUEZ is a transplant from other worlds. In his first life, he danced ballet professionally for seven years. He decided to retrain and become an English teacher instead of going the dance studio route. He thought that it would lead to another career in the arts…little did he know that it was also a career in babysitting. (He has been known to have a sarcastic sense of humor at times, and in the appropriate company.) Ken is now retired from that noble profession and lives and plays in Tempe, AZ, with his wife and dog in their empty nest. He’s also very excited to be on the editing team, and looks forward to causing more mayhem from the comfort of his recliner, conveniently situated next to a desktop computer.

J. SARCHET has been writing all her life. In fact, she often remarks that she likes words more than most people (present company excluded, naturally). The first story she ever wrote was scribbled in a small spiral notepad and stashed behind her family’s piano for safekeeping. Though she has seen the most success as a poet, she has a speculative fiction novel in the works. When it is completed, J won’t be hiding it behind a piano, but rather shouting the news from the rooftops.

RIE SHERIDAN ROSE had her first novel published in 2000. Her short stories appear in numerous anthologies, including Nightmare Stalkers and Dream Walkers Vols. 1 and 2, Come to My Window, Shifters, The Grotesquerie, and In the Bloodstream as well as Yard Dog Press’ A Bubba In Time Saves None. Mocha Memoirs has “Drink My Soul…Please,” and “Bloody Rain” as e-downloads, and as part of the collection RieTales. Online, she has appeared in Cease, Cows, Lorelei Signal, and Four Star Stories. She is also the author of seven novels, five poetry chapbooks, and lyrics for songs on several of Marc Gunn’s CDs. She edited the Steampunk Airship Pirates anthology Avast, Ye Airships! for Mocha Memoirs. You can find out more about her work on her website, or follow her Facebook. She tweets as @RieSheridanRose.

 DAVID STEGORA is elusive and reclusive; one thing we know for sure—he is the editor of Dark Futures magazine. Find out for yourself at and:

JANICE STUCKI is a writer and playwright. She contributed The Tragedy of Livingston, her nanopunk tale inspired by Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, to the previous anthology and now offers her editorial support to this Poe-inspired collection. Janice lives in the midst of hard-core suburbia in northern New Jersey with her family and their stubbornly adorable mixed-breed rescue hound, Mellow. They have recently added a foster cat to their household, a former stray now named Ziggy, who had been living underneath a holly bush in their front yard (Mellow insists this arrangement is temporary).

MARY ZEMINA is a recent graduate of the Professional Writing Program at Champlain College. She loves reading anything that can be classified as fantastical, and hopes to be an author of YA fiction someday. You can follow her reviews on Goodreads at: