This is taken from the front pages of Poe Goes Punk.

IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE that Writerpunk Press has only been around for two years. In that time, we’ve grown closer as a community.

Together we’ve accomplished some amazing things: several high schools have copies of Sound & Fury in their classrooms or libraries, and it is required reading at one university’s Shakespeare course. 

We started our adventure with an idle chat in the Writerpunk Facebook group. One member, Esaias, mentioned something about writing a punk version of a Shakespeare play—and the game was afoot. Others chimed in and staked a claim to which tragedy or comedy they would like to punk, and before we knew it we were at work on our first anthology! Beyond the excitement of seeing the Bard’s plays in alternate settings and with punk elements, we realized that the project would give all of us—writers, editors, artists—a chance to practice our respective crafts. None of us could have predicted what a successful project it would be.

Sound & Fury: Shakespeare Goes Punk contained five stories, and was put together by a handful of people who all wore many hats. It was well received and quickly sold enough to allow us to make a donation to PAWS. We were ecstatic, but that was only the beginning. We learned a lot in that process and set about putting those hard-earned lessons to use immediately.  Our next publication, Once More Unto the Breach: Shakespeare Goes Punk 2 was well underway. More submissions meant more behind the scenes folks were needed. A full team of editors and proofreaders made our second anthology a reality.

We upped our marketing game, too. An online release party with over twenty-five artists and authors, giveaways, and contests helped our second release make a splash. We refined the process yet again and saw an incredible number of stories submitted to Poe Goes Punk—so much so that our Head Editor keeps a color-coded spreadsheet with over fifty columns to keep track of all of the stories and people involved. Also, for the first time, advance reader copies were made available to bring in reviews prior to release day.

We are quite proud of the progress we’ve made since our early days, and look forward to bringing more punked tales to our readers. None of our accomplishments would have been possible without the support of our fans. For that, we offer our sincerest thanks.