Rachel A. Brune served five years as a military journalist with the U.S. Army, including two tours in Iraq, and a brief stint as a columnist for her hometown newspaper. After commissioning as a military police officer, she continued to write and published articles for a number of military and civilian news publications, as well as short fiction stories and two novels. She blogs her adventures, writing and otherwise, at http://www.infamous-scribbler.com.

 Rachel Cherie wrote her very first story on dot matrix paper while in elementary school. Ever since, writing in all forms has been her loyal companion, but love for authoring novels specifically was cemented when she completed her first manuscript at fourteen. She is the author of Treachery at Martinique Isle and Turning of the Tides, the first two books in the Daughters of the High Seas trilogy—historical seafaring adventures. Rachel is currently working on the final book of her trilogy, writing a science fiction series, and remastering her very first novel. She currently lives in Northern California with her husband, two kids, and their well-loved fur babies. Find her online at www.rachelcherie.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/rachelcherieauthor, and on Twitter as @rachel_cherie.

J. S. Chlapowski is a former US Army linguist, then lobbyist, then English teacher. He is now working on an MA degree in International Education at the Universidad de Alcalá in Madrid, Spain before moving to Norway to be with his husband. He is currently working on his first novel, A Light in the Void, to be published by Inkshares (https://www.inkshares.com/books/a-light-in-the-void).


Amber Michelle Cook writes speculative fiction in contemporary and Victorian settings. Partly raised in Germany, she went to an international school for high school, majored in linguistics, loves literature and period pieces. She’s also an artist of color and wonder living in the great Northwest, leads improv writing tables, and heads up National Novel Editing Month. Aside from words and stories, she adores dogs and is fascinated by any and everything aquatic. Especially cephalopods. Looking for something fun to read? She’s the author of four spec.fic. books, and has been published in five anthologies. Her wubbulous website is at http://ambermichellecook.weebly.com.


Jeffrey Cook is an author living in Maple Valley, WA. He has published 12 books, covering everything from the Dawn of Steam regency steampunk series to the YA Fantasy Fair Folk Chronicles, along with some sci-fi, urban fantasy, and a nonfiction book about working conventions (just for variety). He works with an author’s collective of sci-fi/fantasy writers based in Western Washington. Details on his books, and others, can be found at www.clockworkdragon.net.


Katherine Perkins, born in Lafayette, Louisiana, lives in Ontario, Ohio. She’s worked closely with Jeffrey Cook as an editor and co-writer on various sci-fi and fantasy works, including the Fair Folk Chronicles. Details on her books and others can be found at www.clockworkdragon.net.


Michelle Cornwell-Jordan enjoys all things fantastical, so she enjoys losing herself in the worlds she creates when writing her Southern Gothic fantasies and Steampunk adventures. To find out more about Michelle’s books and get updates, first peeks, and giveaways, join MCJordanBook’s monthly email newsletter at madmimi.com/signups/72832/join.

Find her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MCJordan-Books-288004677978367/?fref=ts.


Lee French slaves away on her laptop from a Beanbag of Comfort +4 in Olympia, WA. She writes fantasy and science fiction with action and snark. Every once in a while she pretends to be serious, but it never lasts longer than a short story. Find out more about her work at www.authorleefrench.com.


Dorothy Goode is a wanderer of the fantastical and devourer of the written word. When she isn’t unraveling the mysteries of English grammar with young students, she can be found crafting feature content for pop culture news sites.


Carol Gyzander was a prolific reader of classic science fiction and Agatha Christie mysteries in her early days. Now that her kids have flown the coop, leaving behind the writer’s requisite cats, she has gone back to her early love with an amateur detective novel in the works. She wrote cyberpunk versions of Macbeth and Henry V for the first two Writerpunk volumes, and wrote “The Clockwork Raven” for the third. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of both this and the previous (Poe) volume. See what else Carol is working on at www.CarolGyzanderAuthor.com.


Andrea Hintz lives and writes in Tennessee. She loves making crafty things and the Victorian era, so steampunk is right up her alley. Aurelia Awakes is her second publication with Writerpunk Press. When she’s not slinging juice-boxes for her two little boys, she attempts to write scintillating stuff spanning the spec-fic spectrum, but it usually doesn’t work out. She loves alliteration & the ampersand. She also edits speculative fiction as The Manuscript Detective at www.themanuscriptdetective.com.


Jayelle King is a poet and fiction writer with an addiction to felt-tipped pens and composition notebooks. Currently, she is working on a collection of cyberpunk short stories. When not writing, she can be found wandering craft store aisles and, if left to her own devices, buying more yarn than is humanly possible to use in one lifetime. Although she doesn’t really understand how Twitter works, she still tweets sporadically under @jayelleking.


Anthony Stark is a professional illustrator, author and paramedic who lives in Canada. He owns StarkLight Press, one of the top five publishers in Canada. Tony has won a Birds of a Feather Award and Canadian Writers’ Guild Award for covers of Tales from Space 2 and In My Mind’s Eye. Tony writes speculative fiction and is co-creator of the Galactic Armed Forces series, a vibrant, collaborative universe based on authentic science and sociological speculations. Now in its 11th year, the GAF Mainframe universe has 9 books written by various international authors, as well as an extensive online message board. You can find Tony’s work online at www.gafmainframe.com and at www.starklightpress.com. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.


Virginia Carraway Stark started writing professionally with her first screenplay, Blind Eye. Her award-winning series Carnival Fun has received international attention. She is a prolific writer and has dozens of short stories in various presses including a story in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Possible. She has been nominated for many awards and won several. She is the Editor in Chief for StarkLight Press where she also co-ordinates collaborations and publishes novels and anthologies as well. You can find her work on Amazon and brick-and-mortar stores as well as in libraries and schools. Find out what is new and recent by going to www.virginiastark.wordpress.com.


Nils Nisse Visser is an author from everywhere and nowhere (having lived in the Netherlands, Thailand, Nepal, the USA, Tanzania, the UK, Egypt, and France), currently living in Brighton, England. He has published two historical YA books (Will’s War in Brighton and Will’s War: Exile from Brighton) and three novels of the nine planned novels in his Wyrde Woods saga: Escape from Neverland, Dance into the Wyrd, and Forgotten Road. These are a combination of fantastical folklore, historical fantasy and magical realism. He hopes to publish his first Steampunk novel, Time Flight Chronicles Book 1: Amsterdamned in the spring of 2017.
For more information visit his Nils Nisse Visser Writer FB page or http://hubpages.com/@nissevisser.