Layout and Cover Design

“Supposed” to be a book designer and cover artist (, Lia Rees insists on playing with such disparate things as T-shirt design and jewellery making. Her first book, But I’m Not Depressed, is a memoir about brain injury. At the time of writing, she is planning a poetry collection titled Electric Blue, to be printed by herself in blue ink. She has a liking for music, open-source culture and anything to do with space. She is a multipotentialite – look that up – and Myers-Briggs xNTP (still working out the first letter). The American anarchist fiancé has not become sick of her craziness yet.



Anthony Stark is a professional illustrator, author and paramedic who lives in Canada. He owns StarkLight Press, one of the top five publishers in Canada. Tony has won a Birds of a Feather Award and Canadian Writers’ Guild Award for covers of Tales from Space 2 and In My Mind’s Eye. Tony writes speculative fiction and is co-creator of the Galactic Armed Forces series, a vibrant, collaborative universe based on authentic science and sociological speculations. Now in its 11th year, the GAF Mainframe universe has 9 books written by various international authors, as well as an extensive online message board. You can find Tony’s work online at and at You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.



Carol Gyzander is the Editor of this book, responsible for overseeing the many small editing and proofreading projects—as well as being one of the writers (“AutomaTom”). Her only regret is that she doesn’t live at Hogwarts, because then her color-coded spreadsheets would move and fill themselves in. See what else Carol is working on at

Assistant Editors

T.J. Ford is just a girl who can’t say no, which is how she found herself agreeing to work on the third Writerpunk anthology. A crack copy editor and lover of both steampunk and classic literature, she’s found it rather a fun project on which to work. T.J. is a mind-body therapist and nutrition consultant with bicoastal practices in New York City and in Portland, Oregon, where she lives with her food-scientist husband, her rotund black cat Kiwi, and a taxidermied steampunk rabbit named Lady Lucretia.

Andrea Hintz loves helping other authors put their best words forward…and she also loves an excuse to break out her red pen and mark up those words. In the interest of helping, of course. She blogs as the Inspector at, where she investigates sci-fi & fantasy books from her lofty perch aboard Airship Ampersand.


Roaming Editors and Proofreaders-At-Large

Rachel A. Brune served five years as a military journalist with the U.S. Army, including two tours in Iraq, and a brief stint as a columnist for her hometown newspaper. After commissioning as a military police officer, she continued to write and published articles for a number of military and civilian news publications, as well as short fiction stories and two novels. She blogs her adventures, writing and otherwise, at


Chad Budrow is an engineer in the Pacific Northwest. He has been a hobbyist fiction writer since early childhood. Chad is particularly fond of researching the history of technology from the Stone Age to present day. Chad shares his passions for learning and recreating living history with his local community at numerous conventions and fairs. For more information, you can check out his works at


Sheri “Cassia” Budrow is what is lovingly referred to as a ‘Super Fan’—one of those illusive and obsessive people that latch onto an author (or several) and fawn upon their every written word. Thus was the case for the Washington writer co-op ‘Clockwork Dragon’—specifically one Jeffery Cook. Through determination (and a pretty face), Sheri has begun training as Jeff’s personal assistant at conventions, more often than not dressed as a character from one book or another. She also had the privilege to assist with Writerpunk’s annual visit to its charity, PAWs Animal Shelter. A saleswoman by day, she spends her free time crafting various props and outfits, and modeling while wearing said props and outfits. For more about Sheri, visit


Amber Michelle Cook is the Director of National Novel Editing Month (, which she’s also participated in (and ‘won’) for the last eight years, and has been involved in long-term critique groups for well over a decade. She’s working on The Writer’s Guide to Editing Resources (and no one has yet found a typo in any of her self-published novels). Find her website at:


Will DeHaven lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where he and his husband enjoy camping, game nights, and occasional weekend getaways to Eugene, Oregon. Though they have recently purchased a vegan cheese shop and restaurant (and subsequently have very little time for other endeavors), Will continues to pursue his interests of web design and development, film photography, musical composition, and custom bookbinding. More often, he has used his writing abilities to market companies in the exciting industries of accounting and engineering, so he is now very glad to make use of them in the (strangely less fictional) steampunk realm.


Erica Deel is a story addict. Whether reading, writing, or editing them, she just can’t tear herself away from the exquisite imagination of creators and culture-shapers. After editing at the United Nations for seven years and a stint at Holtzbrinck Publishers before that, Erica decided to pursue more soul-satisfying work: crafting her own stories and helping other people develop and polish theirs. She is currently working as a freelance editor and is writing her first YA fantasy novel about a nature sprite who lives on a falling snowflake. Find out more at


H. James Lopez is from Texas. He was a journalist, a soldier, and a counter intelligence agent. Now he is a writer, editor, and cyber forest ranger. Since 2009 he has been writing fiction in all forms that come to mind and enjoys helping Writerpunk turn works on their heads. Spec Fic, Sci-Fi, Action, and Adventure stories might someday be found on his pages so they are always worth a look.


Leo McBride is an author of sci-fi, fantasy and horror, as well as a journalist and editor. You can follow his work at




Ken Rodriguez is a transplant from other worlds. In his first life, he danced ballet professionally for seven years. He decided to retrain and become an English teacher instead of going the dance studio route. He thought that it would lead to another career in the arts…little did he know that it was also a career in babysitting. (He has been known to have a sarcastic sense of humor at times, and in the appropriate company.) Ken is now retired from that noble profession and lives and plays in Tempe, AZ, with his wife and dog in their empty nest. He’s also very excited to be on the editing team, and looks forward to causing more mayhem from the comfort of his recliner, conveniently situated next to a desktop computer.

J. Sarchet has been writing all her life. In fact, she often remarks that she likes words more than most people (present company excluded, naturally). The first story she ever wrote was scribbled in a small spiral notepad and stashed behind her family’s piano for safekeeping. Though she has seen the most success as a poet, she has a speculative fiction novel in the works. When it is completed, J won’t be hiding it behind a piano, but rather shouting the news from the rooftops.


Zach Schimmel grew up loving fiction of all kinds; comic books, movies, plays, and especially books as a child. He’s currently studying at the Art Institute of Portland learning how to animate as well as execute on many other media arts. When he’s not doing homework, playing open world video games, or writing critique articles for films or comics, he’s usually spending his nights animating for his Youtube channel. Currently, he’s working on an animated short series based on his experience working for Goodwill, but in the meantime he’s been exploring the culture of fiction in person as much as he can. Visit to see his work.


Nils Nisse Visser is an author currently living in Brighton, England. His non-fiction articles on historical archery have been published all over the world in four languages. He has written two historical YA books (Will’s War in Brighton and Will’s War: Exile from Brighton) and three novels of the nine planned novels in his Wyrde Woods saga: Escape from Neverland, Dance into the Wyrd, and Forgotten Road. He hopes to publish his first Steampunk novel, Time Flight Chronicles Book 1: Amsterdamned in the spring of 2017. He has also helped two other Indie writers and a poet to publish their work, functioning as content and copy editor, formatter and publisher.