Rachel A. Brune’s first paid gig as a writer came when she joined the Army in 2002 as a military journalist. Since then, she has authored numerous short stories across a variety of genres from steampunk to horror to literary fiction. Her published novels include Soft Target, a suspense thriller, Cold Run, an urban fantasy, and a romantic suspense series under the pen name Becca A. Miles.

In addition to her own work, she also coaches and mentors other writers through her Patreon page. She blogs her adventures—writing and otherwise—at http://www.infamous-scribbler.com

Mike Chinakos is the co-founder and first president of Northwest Independent Writers Association (NIWA).

He is the author of the Hollywood Cowboys series, numerous novels, short stories, and screenplays. A self-proclaimed Metal Maniac and lover of all things Horror, Mike calls the beautiful Pacific Northwest home. Look for Mike’s upcoming release, The Silence at the End of Time, soon!

For more about Mike and his writing, please visit his website, www.mikeloveswriting.com
and Facebook page,  https://www.facebook.com/mikechinakosauthor

Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins are an Indie Author tag-team that turn weird inspirations into books, especially YA books. Between them, they have twelve novels, one non-fiction book, and numerous short stories in anthologies out, with more always on the way. “Countess Karnstein” is a prequel to Jeff’s Dawn of Steam series.

Jeffrey frequently feels like he lives wherever the current scifi/fantasy convention is being held. His most frequent stop is Maple Valley, WA, to visit his wife, housemate, and three large dogs. He is a founding member and head organizer of Writerpunk Press. When not working, he has a lifelong interest in role-playing games and watching football.

Katherine, who was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, and will defend its cuisine on any field of honor, currently lives in Ontario, Ohio, with her husband and cat.

Their work can be found at: https://clockworkdragon.net/

Lee French slaves away on her laptop from a Beanbag of Comfort +4 in Olympia, WA. She writes fantasy and science fiction with action and snark. Every once in a while she pretends to be serious, but it never lasts longer than a short story. Find out more about her work at www.authorleefrench.com

 Teel James Glenn has had stories in Weird Tales, Spinetingler, SciFan, Mad, Black Belt, Fantasy Tales, Pulp Empire, Sherlock Holmes Mystery, SciFan, Silver Blade Quarterly, and other publications, books, and anthologies in many genres. His short story “The Clockwork Nutcracker” won best steampunk story for 2013 from Preditor and Editors poll and has been expanded into a novel.

He is also the winner of the 2012 Pulp Ark Award for Best Author. His website is: www.theurbanswashbuckler.com

Carol Gyzander was a prolific reader of classic science fiction and Agatha Christie mysteries in her early days. Now that her kids have flown the coop, leaving behind the writer’s requisite cats, she has gone back to her early love with an amateur detective novel in the works.

She wrote cyberpunk versions of Macbeth and Henry V for the first two Writerpunk volumes, “The Clockwork Raven” for Poe, and a steampunk Tom Sawyer for What We’ve Unlearned: English Class Goes Punk.

She is also the Editor-in-Chief of both this and the previous two volumes. See what else Carol is working on at www.CarolGyzander.com

William J. Jackson is a wanderer through the dimensional variances of this fair Earth. A resident of the quiet countryside of lower Delaware and now southern New Jersey, he has taken a lifelong pleasure in history, science fiction and nature and codified them into writing what are now referred to as punk genre fiction. Jackson is the author of the steampunk/superhero Rail Legacy series such as An Unsubstantiated Chamber, Cerulean Rust and From An Irradiated Crypt, the greasy dieselpunk WWII tale Down Jersey Driveshaft and various short stories.

His tale in this volume, “Free Radical Change,” takes place in the Rail universe, but several decades down the road. He shall continue to put out punk stories until his fingers bleed or get replaced with cybernetics.

On occasion he blogs at therailbaron.wordpress.com.

Leo McBride is a journalist and fiction writer. He lives in The Bahamas where he ducks the direct sunlight by seeking shelter in bars serving rum concoctions. He is the editor-in-chief at Inklings Press, in whose themed anthologies he has also had a number of short stories published. He has also had works published by Starklight Press, Anthology Askew and edited publications for Scholar Books, the most recent of which is being adapted into a movie.

You can follow him at his blog, www.alteredinstinct.com or on Twitter as @AlteredInstinct. He is also on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/leomcbrideauthor.

Bryce Raffle writes steampunk, horror, and fantasy. He worked as lead writer on Ironclad Games’ online dark fantasy game, Sins of a Dark Age, and has had short stories published in a number of anthologies such as Denizens of Steam and Den of Antiquity. “The Complications of Avery Vane” was the winner of 2016’s P&E Readers’ Poll for Best Steampunk Short Story, and his latest short will appear in the upcoming DeadSteam anthology from his own indie imprint, Grimmer & Grimmer Books. He lives in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, where he works in the booming film industry.

Website: www.bryceraffle.com 

Anthony Stark is a professional illustrator, author and paramedic who lives in Canada. He owns StarkLight Press, one of the top five publishers in Canada. Tony has won a Birds of a Feather Award and Canadian Writers’ Guild Award for covers of Tales from Space 2 and In My Mind’s Eye. Tony writes speculative fiction and is co-creator of the Galactic Armed Forces series, a vibrant, collaborative universe based on authentic science and sociological speculations.

You can find Tony’s work online at www.gafmainframe.com and at www.starklightpress.com. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.

The author known as K. M. Vanderbilt is a lover of words and storytelling. From the tender age of six, she started annoying friends and family with the adventures of her imaginary friends. Not much has changed except the scenery.

She now lives in the urban sprawl of Colorado with her hetero life-mate and single offspring. Late at night, she caterwauls from the balcony about her recent accomplishments. The local wildlife remains unappreciative.

Jeanne M. White hails from Saginaw, Texas.  This is her second contribution to the Writerpunk anthologies, the first being a steampunk version of Poe’s “Some Words with a Mummy.” While diligently searching for the portal back to the Victorian era, she continues to write and cope with the mystifications of the present day.