Cover Design

Lia Rees created the cover of this book. She has been with Writerpunk from the beginning, and her design and formatting business can be found at Lia has published two books herself: a brain injury memoir and a book about the cultural scene in her area of East London. She is tangentially involved with a small Pride festival, and has a stall there with rainbows and jewelry.


Writer/editor J. Sarchet is the one who keeps track of all those pesky little details for upcoming anthologies, and spreads the word to our fellow writers in the Writerpunk group. She did the layout for this volume, and also manages our website.

Internal Graphics

Carol Gyzander, wearer of many hats, created the internal graphics. Her biography can be found just below. You can see it from here, actually. Just glance down.



Writer/Editor-in-Chief Carol Gyzander juggles and tracks a myriad of details during the submission and editing stages. She runs our internal schedule, oversees and performs story edits, and helps some of our new writers to improve their work.

Managing Editor

Writer/editor Andrea Stafford Hintz is our Managing Editor for this volume, and helped move stories through the various stages of editing and proofreading with a cheerful attitude.

Roaming Editors and Proofreaders-At-Large

Our cherished volunteer editors and proofreaders, who put in many long hours squinting at words:

Amber Michelle Cook

Andrea Stafford Hintz

Angela Hardy

Carol Gyzander

Chelo Biggerstaff

H. James Lopez

J. Sarchet

Katherine Perkins

K. M. Vanderbilt

Nils Visser

Rachel Brune

Rie Sheridan Rose