Esaias Mayo is a nomad of the best kind. A college biology major, his love of literature has freed his soul to follow the trail left by the winds of his creativity. This very thing is what caused him to birth the brain child that grew to be this particular anthology. The Bard being his first great love, and Punk literature being his newfound soulmate, it only made sense. He gives an eloquent bow and hopes that you will enjoy the familiar, yet uniquely portrayed, themes of murder, deceit, and passionate love that you shall dive into.

Jeffrey Cook originally jumped on board this project as a writer, then realized it was lacking something: namely deadlines and organization. Having already finished The Winter’s Tale, and with experience writing for anthologies before, he boldly put on another hat (he likes to think it was a pirate hat), and took over. A lot of effort went into organizing a bunch of punks. It turned out that they didn’t just need excited writer punks – the group needed editing punks, formatting punks, artist punks, and even a few cheerleading punks for good measure. (He also likes to think Victoria and Elizabeth had amazing punk cheerleader outfits). He’s currently working with the primary charity (PAWS of Lynnwood) to coordinate donations, and setting up the release party… and, despite all the work, already looking forward to the next one of these.

T.J. Ford, J. Sarchet and Carol Gyzander were originally responsible for editing. T.J. and Carol also stepped into the breach (aptly enough) for some last-minute proofreading.

She’s just a girl who can’t say no, which is how T.J. Ford found herself Editrix of the first Shakespeare Goes Punk anthology. An aspiring writer and lover of both steampunk (especially corsets) and the Bard (especially Macbeth), she’s found it rather a fun project on which to work. In between rescuing dangling participles and saving serial commas, T.J. is a mind-body therapist with bicoastal practices in New York City and in Portland, Oregon, where she lives with her food-scientist husband and their increasingly deaf cat Scamper. In her spare time T.J. has a penchant for running long distances of 20 or 50 or 100 miles, preferably on the trails of the Hobbit forests in the Pacific Northwest.

J. Sarchet was born on the day before yesterday with holes in her shoes and crying the blues. No, wait. That was the Scarecrow from The Wiz. Well, despite her mysterious origin story, J has been writing all her life. In fact, she often remarks that she likes words more than most people (present company excluded, naturally). The first story she ever wrote was scribbled in a small spiral notepad and stashed behind her family’s piano for safekeeping. Although she has spent most of the last 26 years filling notebooks with stories and not letting anyone read them, more recently she has begun sharing her work with others. Though she has seen the most success as a poet, she has also written one-act plays. Currently she is hard at work on a speculative fiction novel she hopes to self-publish. When it is completed, J won’t be hiding it behind a piano, but rather shouting the news from the rooftops.

Carol‘s biography can be found in the writers’ section!

Lia Rees is a creative dilettante living in London (England) who is currently engaged to an American anarchist. She is laid-back and amiable, if a bit self-absorbed, and has the sense of humor of a 12-year-old. Her taste for design led her to volunteer for the layout and typography of this book; she was also involved in proofreading and cover art. She loves music and has been known to crochet, make jewelry and explore papercrafts. Lia supplies independent authors with design and publishing services, which include video trailers and everything demonstrated in the book you’re holding. Lately she finds herself making posters, business cards and merchandise too. Her business, Free Your Words, can be found at the unsurprising location of

Elizabeth Hamm created the cover. Born in California, raised in North Dakota, and probably never going to get a proper tan, Elizabeth has been interested in the graphic, video, and written arts since she could form tangible memories. Closing in on finally finishing a dual degree in Broadcasting and Multimedia Studies, she continues to combine the two worlds together along with her love of writing. Being creative and passionate about the world of fiction brought her to volunteering her growing knowledge and time to design the cover of this book. In her spare time, she writes novels, shoots short films, and does her own video news program weekly. Elizabeth can be reached at for all things cover design, graphic design, or video.

Victoria L. Canny was an official cheerleader for the project. But no one knows who she is, or if that’s even her real name. For all we know, she could be an eighty-six year old recluse, living off the Oregon coast and babbling on about shadow people trying to steal her cats. She could just be an average person struggling with eighteen credit card payments and two mortgages taken out on her Florida condo. Or, she could just be some random chick that sort of appeared one day, waving a manuscript in the air and proclaiming herself to be the next great ‘maybe this book will be better than the last one’ author. And it wasn’t the best manuscript in the world, but leaps and bounds better than her previous attempts.

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